About Teen Voices

Teen Voices is a new blog dedicated to giving talented student writers a safe platform to express their ideas and opinions about all things teen. Brought to you by the editors of two fabulous teen-focused Scholastic magazines—The New York Times Upfront and Choices—Teen Voices publishes fresh and original teen perspectives on everything from politics and pop culture to personal essays and interviews.

The current categories of writing we are accepting include:


    Writing about what’s in the news now—from politics to social issues (and beyond!)

    Short persuasive pieces on the topics you feel passionate about 

  3. MY LIFE
    Meaningful memoir-style posts that pull from your personal experiences (whether it’s the car crash you survived, or the fight you just had with your parents)

    Writing to raise awareness about a problem that influences citizens of your community, your country, or your world

    Short-form criticism of current books and pop culture (or fresh takes on old stuff)

    Poetry and super-short stories from your imagination (in 800 words or less)

    You talk to someone you’re inspired by—and tell the world their story!


Want to contribute? To apply to become a Teen Voices writer,  email us here with the subject line "Teen Voices Submission." Please include your name, age, grade, school, school location, and a short sample of your work or a pitch. The Teen Voices editorial board will carefully consider every submission based on topic, voice, and quality of writing. Please know that we cannot publish every piece we receive.  


All opinions and ideas expressed on the Teen Voices site are the opinions and ideas of the writers responsible for the writing. They do not reflect the opinions and ideas of Scholastic.