Egem Yorulmaz

As odd as it seems, I became much closer to my great-aunt Nevin after her death than I had ever been when she was alive. In my childhood Nevin became increasingly sick with each visit; she disregarded our pleas to admit her into a nursing home, as she had never rested a day in her youth, and joked that she did not intend to start now. Her apartment reeked of antibacterial creams and scented candles, and it reminded me of a clean, dormant clam concealed deep under the seabed of Üsküdar—and cut off from the world.

Zoe Rader

Before I went to Africa, I had wildly false misconceptions of this continent. But my trip amended these false ideas that have derived from a life of privileged ignorance. I quickly learned that Africa is amazing and beautiful. More importantly, my journey showed me how big the world is and that it's okay to feel strange and different. 


I had the odd thought one day that lips are incredibly important to humans, symbols of love, but also the pathway for so many of our interactions and perceptions of people.

Catcalls Are Not Compliments

I have the right to be in a public space without being harassed. Nothing about me—not my gender, not my age, not what I’m wearing—gives you the right to make lewd comments about me or my...