Adam Light

So what does partisanship really mean in this confusing era of Trump? It’s a relevant question to examine now, as more Republicans declare their opposition to the president. Most importantly, how should we judge politicians these days: by their ideals, statements, or actual votes in Congress?

Megan Ferch

New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde released her second full-length album on June 16th, 2017 with Republic Records. The album, titled Melodrama, comes nearly four years after the now 20-year-old burst onto the scene with Pure Heroine, which featured her debut hit, RoyalsMelodrama turns out to be appropriately named, from the song content to the overall sound, as the listener follows Lorde through a volley of emotions that are not just “melodramatic,” but strikingly real.


When my grandfather was young, he loved science—full of ideas he wanted to share with the world. As a Jew in Russia, he knew no university would take him. He earned a living at a factory,...

Falling for the Wrong Person

For too long, he consumed my every thought. I started doing most things for him . What I wore, ate, liked, believed in—all went through a filter of his figurative approval and left my sense...