Ariel Kim

As an avid fiction-reader who has encountered countless fantasy worlds, I must say that I have never read one such as this. Comparable to D.C.’s Gotham, this urban futuristic-fantasy touches on real-world problems such as terrorism and political divisiveness that latent in parallels to our very own reality.

Gina Wiste

Before July 10th, 2017, I had never left the United States. I am fluent in English alone. This summer I flew to Italy to meet the family I’ve always had but never met. They are fluent in Italian alone. Going in, I had no idea how I would communicate, but I resolved to make it work. Google Translate was at the ready.

Real Boys Discuss the Ken Doll Makeover

Curious to get the male perspective on the Ken doll upgrades, I set out to ask the opinions of three boys. Here's what I learned.

How to Talk About the Mentally Ill

I was inspired to write this piece after it became a common insult or joke at my school to call someone “schizoid” or to say that they are schizophrenic. I didn’t understand why this seemed...