Michael Atlas

In August, President Donald Trump neglected to renew the charter for the Advisory Committee for Sustained National Climate Assessment. This 15-person panel was created in 2015 as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and is responsible for guiding governmental decisions based on recent findings and evidence of climate change. This is simply the latest demonstration of the President and his cabinet’s lack of concern for the pressing issues of global warming, and in conjunction with the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, clearly displays the side of the issue the government stands on.

Izzy Andrews

The first thing I notice is the smell, heavy with cedar and moss and pine. Then the afternoon mist caresses my face with a saturated kiss, calling a sticky layer of sweat onto my skin. I look up.

Review: This Savage Song

As an avid fiction-reader who has encountered countless fantasy worlds, I must say that I have never read one such as this. Comparable to D.C.’s "Gotham," this urban futuristic-fantasy...


Before July 10th, 2017, I had never left the United States. I am fluent in English alone. This summer I flew to Italy to meet the family I’ve always had but never met. They are fluent in...