Andrew Liang

We hear a lot about the importance of academic subjects—especially STEM courses—to future success outside of our schools’ brick walls. But when we talk about good prep courses for life, one of the most crucial aspects of a good education is almost always ignored: the fine arts. And it shouldn’t be.

Emma Camp

I have the right to be in a public space without being harassed. Nothing about me—not my gender, not my age, not what I’m wearing—gives you the right to make lewd comments about me or my body. Catcalling hurts, because it removes a woman's ability to live her life without fear of harassment. 

Why I Still Believe in Journalism

When I’m asked that dreaded question about what I want to be when I’m older, I have no trouble giving a confident response: I want to be a journalist.

Fasting to Feed the Hungry

As a freshman, I was introduced to a fundraiser that encourages high school students to fast for 30 hours to simulate the feelings of hunger, spread awareness of the issue, and raise money...